PCI Services

  • End storing cardholder data on site
  • Reduce costs via less in scope systems
  • Manage live operators payments via IVR
  • Quick repeat payments via tokenisation
  • Integrates with CRM & billing systems
  • Avoid penalty fees for noncompliance
  • Security & confidence to clients
  • Central login to manage payments
  • Daily log review
  • Secure remote access

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CARDsystems is an accredited PCI services provider who delivers either a hosted or API PCI service for credit card clearing.    In both solutions the merchant maintains control over the branding of the secure pages.   CARDsystems owns and operates a secure PCI compliant payment gateway that supports both telephone (MOTO) sales and customer not present digital sales.  MOTO transactions at CARDsystems are achieved via an automated IVR platform.  Changes to PCI standards are making it costly and risky to achieve PCI compliance when using live operators at terminals to type in payment data.  Automated IVR is rapidly being recognised as next generation solution for terminal payments.  CARDsystems provides all the PCI services of a traditional payment gateway and combines this with IVR automated payments in one PCI compliant environment; this delivers a unique and scalable solution for all channels requiring PCI compliant services. 

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