Intergrated Payment Solutions

  • Tokenisation & Repeat payments
  • Integrated SMS and email functions
  • Flexible API into your CRM

PCI Integrated payment solution for Online, Mobile and Call Centres

Tokenisation & repeat payments

Clear can either use clients CRM tokenisation’s for payments or CARDsystems can provide tokenisation payment services.  Tokenisation facilitates customer recognition and enables frictionless one click style payments.  Clear can handle automated recurring billing as well as scheduled payments against an instalment diary.  Tokenisation reduces the amount of PCI applications and environments our clients need to manage, reducing their PCI compliance costs.  CARDsystems maintain a PCI card file server integrating payments taken over web forms and over automated IVR.  Collecting information onto one card file server eliminates silos of customer information, and enables frictionless payments to be served back into any channel or device the second purchase is made from.

Integrated SMS payment solutions

Clear’s integrated payment solutions incorporate both email and SMS functions.  Clients have the option to use Clear for receipt and order confirmations via these services.   Using Clears automated IVR technology SMS messages can include a Call2Clear payment option.  This presents a number the clients clicks on to be connected to an automated payment solution.  From an SMS a client may make a top up, book a ticket, a table or make an instalment payment on a service or purchase.  With a flexible API Integrating a single payment processing solution into your sales applications across multiple channels saves time and money and reduces errors.

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