Android Billing

  • API integration
  • Repeat payments
  • CLI capture & SMS integration

In App & Wap credit card billing for Android, iOS, Symbian and mobile browsers

API Integration

PCI compliant billing solutions for Android and other mobile OS are becoming a necessity for retailers looking to market in the multi channel.  CARDsystems solutions can be deployed in App to take additional payments for upgrades or for products and services.   Both Web2Clear and Call2Clear solutions are OS platform agnostic.  Both solutions require integration via a simple API.

Repeat Payments from Apps

Both Call2Clear and Web2Clear enable repeat in App payments.  Once a free App is loaded upgrades, products and services can be purchased via launching either Call2Clear or Web2Clear.

CLI capture & SMS integration

CARDsystems captures the CLI and device make and model number for every mobile transaction made via Call2Clear.  This data n is then available to be used in sales and marketing promotion driven by SMS.

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