Online Merchant Services

  • Merchant boarding with MID
  • Real time card processing
  • Recurring billing & tokenisation
  • SMS Intergration
  • All risks serviced
  • Simple API Intergration

Merchant services payment solution for next generation e-Commerce

Merchant boarding with MID

CARDsystems provides merchant services with MID’s helping our clients via the application and acquisition of their MID or merchant ID.

Real time card processing

Real time processing automates the credit card paymaents, returning fraud checked confirmation back to your shopping cart in a matter of seconds, from servers that have over a 99% uptime.  Real time processing is normally supplied with a “virtual terminal” to allow MOTO transactions to be taken manually.  PCI compliance means that live operators processing card payments are being be phased out, CARDsystems also offers a fully automated telephone payment solution for live operators.

Recurring Billing & Tokensiation

Tokenisation facilitates repeat payments of various amounts and delivers a one click style shopping experience for the customer.  In addition using tokens via CARDsystems reduces the need to have PCI compliant environments at the merchant and thus lowers costs.  PCI compliance and tokenisation is managed on behalf of clients by CARDsystems.

SMS Integration

More online retailers and service providers are looking to work in additional channels like mail order and mobile.  SMS integration allows customers to receive marketing communications direct to mobile, this maybe a link to an app or mobile website.  CARDsystems is multi channel billing provider as well as a telecoms carrier and will recognise your customers second purchase over any device in any channel.

All risks serviced

CARDsystems currently provides online merchant services to a variety of customer risk profiles and these needs can be discussed by contacting us.

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