Chaperone for telesales payments

  • Tele sales led work flow
  • De-scopes call center from PCI compliance
  • Tokenisation over IVR and from CRM
  • Repeat & recurring payments
  • No third parties
  • In scope recording suppression

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Chaperone is a mid call payment solution for tele sales payments, which allows live operator’s to take credit card payment over the phone, in a PCI complaint way . Chaperone integration into CRM solutions de scopes the centre for PCI compliance as card details never reach the centre and recording is suppressed when the client enters their details via DTMF tone.

Chaperone has been designed to be a light as possible. It is installed using an API into the CRM screen and telecoms integration is achieved using a simple switch.

Chaperone is scalable, using CARDsystems technology, it listens for payment requests and only then is the call taken onto CARDsystems PCI servers for payments, once a payment is completed the call is returned to the clients own telecoms infrastructure. In this way clients enjoy a scalable solution, lower costs, no interruption to their existing telecoms contracts, and no re mapping of marketing numbers.

Chaperone can be deployed in cases where the CRM solution is not linked to automatic call distribution (ACD), as well as where the ACD is intergrated into the CRM solution.
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