Call Centre Credit Card

  • Remote workers and overflow staff
  • Automated repeat purchases
  • DTMF over voice
  • Automated repeat sales
  • Short call stats
  • Voice recording integration
  • Increased sales uptime


PCI Credit Card solutions for Call Centres and Remote workers

Sales lead workflow

Call centre operators are naturally concerned that any changes to their billing parctices may lead to increased abandonment. Chaperone allows the operator to prompt for card information in a modular way, keeping contact between the operator and the customer between data entry. Chaperone is designed that the customer cannot be disturbed while entering PAN and CV2 data which reduces failure rates.

Remote Workers and over flow staff

Chaperone can be rolled out to home working staff providing them with a PCI credit card solution through their CRM screen.  CARDsystems is able to provide numbers and mapping services to route Inbound calls to the live hunt group.  Functions are available in terms of favoring specific key sales staff, reassigning if not answered, call recording, on hold music and diary solutions. Chaperone does not require any additional hardware such as dongles or switches nor does it require any software instillation onto the home workers PC.

Automated repeat purchases options

Repeat customers who made purchase via credit cards on the IVR solution can make repeat automated purchases and remain PCI compliant.  Repeat sales for the same product or different products can be scripted on the IVR platform; new credit cards can be added automatically.  The customer is recognised from their previous transaction and need only enter their CCV code and post code numbers to repeat the purchase.  Many bespoke options and functions can be added to this solution.

DTMF over voice

Customer familiar with IVR platforms do not always want to listen to all the prompts, DTMF over voice allows customers who know the script to enter numbers via their keypad before spoken prompts have finished.  This reduces customer abandonment and increases sales.

Short Call stats

Stats are available for all calls in terms of duration and hang up points to identify and evolve improvements in the sales process to reduce abandonment.

PCI Voice Recording integration

Chaperone typically diverts or trombones the call while clients enter card data via DTMF tone, therefore no call supression is required as these tones never reach the call centre. Alternatively Chaperone can be used to handle all the recordings for the call centre.

Call Centre IVR Credit Card Payment Solution

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